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Events and Attractions in Schwangau


Neuschwanstein castle

Probably the most famous castle around the world... Neuschwanstein was built by King Ludwig II.

Hohenschwangau castle

King Ludwig II. spent his childhood in this castle before starting to build his own castles.

Tegelberg cablecar

The Tegelberg cablecar will take you to 1720m above sea-level within a few minutes. Enjoy the breathtaking views...

the summer luge

Kids will love the summer luge (tobbogan) and the giant (!) playcourt below the Tegelberg...

Royal crystal spa

Indoor and outdoor swimming, sauna, massages - no better place to relax...

Classical Concerts

Every year in September, famous musicians hold concerts in the "Sängersaal" (Singer's hall) in Neuschwanstein castle.


Nach Oben

Museum of the bavarian kings

Explore a permanent unique exhibition within a journay through time into the history of the Wittelsbach dynasty and their bavarian kings. The museum is located directly located below the Royal Castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau.  


Mountain Sport Centre Tegelberg

Situated at teh foot of mountain Tegelberg a new mountain sport centre offers various possibilities for climbers. The gradual construction encloses beside an infomration and training centre with a special exercising rock a via ferrata nature trail for families.